When an existing domain name expires, it can still be renewed by its current owner for about sixty days after the expiration and despite the fact that it won't be active, it cannot be taken by someone else. If the domain name is not renewed by that moment, however, it enters a 5-day deletion period and then it's available to the general public. During the deletion period anyone will be able to submit a backorder for the domain through an ICANN-licensed domain registrar and the service provider will use its registry channel in order to attempt to register the domain name on behalf of the user once it's available. Because a lot of registrars could attempt to get a given domain and names are acquired on first-come, first-serve basis, there isn't any warranty that employing such an automated service will grant you ownership over it, however this is the best way to get an appealing domain name as trying to register it personally almost certainly means that you will be way too late.
Domain Backorder in Cloud Hosting
As our company is a partner of an ICANN-certified company, we offer domain name backorders with all cloud hosting solutions, so you will not need to subscribe for an additional account. An individual section in your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel will allow you to browse all domains that will be deleted in the following days and we've added several filters which will allow you to narrow your search. You may enter any word or phrase, set the minimum and maximum number of characters, select a specific deletion date or pick the extensions which should be displayed. Using the filters will save you a lot of time and if you find a domain that you want to have, you could place your order for it with a mouse click. If we're unable to register the selected name, you won't lose the money you have paid and you'll be able to order other domains with it - new registrations or backorders.
Domain Backorder in Dedicated Web Hosting
If you have a dedicated server from our firm, you'll be able to backorder a domain name from the comfort of your billing Control Panel and will never have to sign up for a different platform as we partner with an ICANN-accredited registrar. A section in the Control Panel is dedicated to this specific service and you will find a long list of all domain names scheduled to be erased there. Thanks to the filters that we have added to save your efforts and time, you can select to view domain names from a particular date, to define the maximum and minimum length and to select an extension, thus narrowing the list you will have to look through. It's also possible to enter a given phrase or select to view domain names which contain dictionary words and are not just a random combination of letters and numbers. It takes only a mouse click to order a domain from the list and if we're unable to register it before somebody else does that, you will not lose the money as it will be added as a credit to your account.